LeaderOne - Notice at Collection
Email Notice

Revised December 2020

LeaderOne is required under California law to inform you that we collect a variety of personal information about you. LeaderOne collects the following categories of information: (1) Identifiers, such as name, alias, social security number, email address and postal address, among other such information; (2) Additional personal information, such as name, address, phone number, bank account number, credit card number and debit card number, among other such information; (3) Protected classification characteristics, such as age, race, marital status, gender, military status, among other such information; (4) Commercial information, such as personal property records, consuming histories or tendencies, among other such information; and (5) Internet information, such as browsing and search history, among other such information.

We collect this information: (1) To provide a service or product to you; (2) To complete a transaction for you, such as providing a mortgage or loan qualification; (3) To alert you to relevant services; (4) To correspond with you; (5) To comply with legal and regulatory requirements; (6) To analyze and improve Website usage and improve content; and (7) For marketing and promotional efforts.

For more information, you can visit LeaderOne’s Privacy Policy athttps://leader1.financial/privacypolicy