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Servicing Center/Make A Payment

LeaderOne Financial

If your loan number starts with a “14” and your being serviced by our Lake Zurich IL location, you can make a payment in our payment center or by clicking here:
Click Here

If your loan starts with any other 2 digit number or is newly originated, you can review loan information here.
Click Here

Contact Us

LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Servicing Dept.
(855) 320-9160
7500 College Blvd. Suite 1150
Overland Park, KS 66210
Mon- Fri 8-5 CST

Servicing Delinquencies due to COVID-19 (if the loan is currently being serviced by LeaderOne in IL):

If you are having trouble making your payments and need financial assistance as a result of the hardship due to COVID-19, Please access online: to register and apply for assistance or you can call 866-397-5370 toll-free for our Loss Mitigation Department.

Our phones are experiencing long delays and the website is showing a quicker access for our Loss Mitigation Teams. Please be patient as we are trying to touch everyone who is attempting to communicate with us during this national pandemic.

If loan just closed or has not sold yet (Loan is being serviced by LeaderOne/Corporate in KS):

Please email to or call (855) 320-9160 M-F 8a-5p CST to discuss your options

LeaderOne takes all first payments unless letters you receive tell you to make a payment to your next Servicer. Please pay attention to your payment due dates on your letters and who to pay. You can pay conveniently online at Click HERE.

Rest assured that if LeaderOne receives a payment that should have gone to a different servicer, we will automatically forward that payment to your new Servicer.

  1. If your loan starts with any other 2-digit number, you can make a payment by
    Clicking Here
  2. Register your account using your newest loan number

You may also remit a payment via check or money order to:
LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Attn: Servicing
7500 College Blvd. Suite 1150
Overland Park, KS 66210

  1. If your loan number starts with a “14” and is being serviced in our Lake Zurich, IL location, you can make a payment by logging into our payment center, by
    Clicking Here
Please add your loan number to the memo field of your check or money order.
You are not allowed to make mortgage payments with credit cards.
As long as you are current on your payments, you can pay additional principal to your loan at ANY time with no penalty. By making principal payments on your loan, you shorten the overall term of your loan and pay less interest even on a fixed rate loan!
Please contact your LeaderOne Servicing Team at (855) 320-9160 to discuss the requirements.
While serviced at LeaderOne Financial (Kansas):
LeaderOne Financial Corporation ISAOA
7500 College Blvd.
Suite 1150 Overland Park, KS 66210

Loans retained and serviced by our Lake Zurich, IL office:
LeaderOne Financial Corporation ISAOA
PO Box 961292
Fort Worth, TX 76161-0292